Pints of Science @ New World Music Hall 04/03/2024

Pints of Science 04.03.2024

Pints Of Science (Science Lecture Series)
Doors 6:30 | Speakers 7 | FREE, must RSVP | Music Hall

Presented in the New World Music Hall, Three esteemed area scientists will share their current projects and passions during three individual 20-minute segments followed by a Q&A session. This seated event offers the New World menu as well as a full cash bar.

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René Wiesner Brown, PhD
Sr. Director of Habitat Restoration for the nonprofit Ecosphere Restoration Institute
The Paris Agreement, the landmark agreement on climate change, was adopted by 196 countries in 2015. The presentation will focus on how the Paris Agreement works, the progress made so far, and the extent to which biodiversity and natural systems are protected in the process. We will also discuss the National Phenology Network and ways volunteers can help monitor local impacts of climate change. 

Maya Burke
Assistant Director, Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Using Storytelling to Convey the Local Impacts of Global Climate Change 
How are Tampa Bay's coastal habitats and water quality responding to sea level rise, increasing temperatures, and changing rainfall patterns? We'll talk about winners and losers, mangroves versus marshes, getting fresh, and how to communicate about these issues with friends and neighbors in ways that don't end in boredom or battle. 

Thomas Henry Culhane, PhD
Director of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation, Patel College of Global Sustainability
Our talk will illuminate the transformative power of biodigesters in converting organic waste into fuel and fertilizer, complemented by innovative techniques utilizing shredders, grinders, and granulators to repurpose plastic and glass waste into eco-friendly "trashcrete" sculptures.

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